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It is only when one shares their life with animals, that they can truly understand the depth of the emotion they evoke. Their presence touches lives in so many ways. Often pets provide comfort, laughter and a listening ear. They never criticise or question our judgements and their loyalty remains true till their last breath. At Detheo Photography we understand this first hand.

Over the years we have refined our Pet Photography skills, enabling us to create images that capture an animal’s individual personality and the very essence of who they are. Our extensive experience has taught us that animals are best photographed within a natural environment, or at least one they are familiar with. As such the majority of Pet Photography sessions are held on location, such as at Stables, the yard, in woods, the forest or even at the beach!

However, in some circumstances, this is not appropriate. This could be because we are working with the very young, very old or those with significant medical needs. In these cases, we have a number of options including our own dedicated Studio or bringing the Pet Photography studio to you.

We have experience in photographing a wide variety of animals including, DogsHorses, Cats etc.


For those that share their lives with dogs, they know the joy they bring. Dogs become such an important part of our family and touch our hearts. From the lively, energetic Terriers, to the elegant, regal Hounds, and of course, everything in between.  There is a dog to suit us all. 

Our Dog Photography sessions are designed to capture stunning images of all dogs, be they pedigree, Cross Breed or Mixed Breed.  Because every dog is special. 

Sadly, some dogs have had awful experiences in their lives, where humans have treated them cruelly or failed them. Others just find life a little more stressful. 

For whatever reason, we know there are dogs out there who suffer with anxiety, nervousness or reactivity.  But they are still just as important as all other dogs.

That is why we have dedicated many years to developing the skills to work with these dogs. So that those clients, who for years felt it impossible to have their pet professionally photographed, are able to do so with confidence. 



There is a natural elegance to the way horses move that makes for stunning photography. However, we believe there is also something very special about the bond between a person and their horse. Of course there is the care and commitment you dedicate to them everyday.  But also the respect and trust you have built between you.

Our Equine Photography Sessions are designed to capture stunning images that are honest and real. Images that catch your breath the moment you see them. That celebrate that relationship. 

Our Equine Photography sessions are based on the same ethos as all of our sessions. To capture the natural beauty of animals, whilst allowing them to just be themselves. 

Whilst some clients prefer to have a session held at their stables or local area, others opt to have their Equine Photography session at a location that has a special meaning to them. Such as on their favourite beach.

Just like our canine friends, horses too can have their quirks. Some have been rescued from neglect or abuse. Others are just fearful. Having had many years experience of being around, riding and photographing horses, we have learnt a great deal. But we believe strongly in a commitment to understanding those we photograph.  So we decided to enhance our knowledge even further, by training alongside the world renowned, Monty Roberts, The Horse Whisperer. 



Each session varies in duration, according to who we are working with. Some animals may be nervous and fearful and require time to relax. Some, however, are far more confident and easy going. The animal’s welfare is always the priority and sessions are adjusted accordingly.  As a guide, we advise allowing a minimum of 1-3 hours for your session. This will also depend on any clothing changes for humans. 

Choosing A Location

Our unique service is designed to capture images that our clients feel an instant emotional connection to. As such the choice of location is very important. Ideally, we want to be somewhere that is very familiar to yourselves and your pet. This could be where you walk your dog every day or somewhere you chose to hack with your horse from time to time. Either way, we bring our service to you. 

Each session includes the following

*A Planning Meeting, either at the office or via telephone

*The attendance of Award Winning, Specialist Pet Photographer, Maria Michael

*Travel (up to 30 miles from our office)

*No extra charge for multiple pets – must be same location (additional fee may apply for 4+)

*Professional editing of the final images 

* Your own personal Viewing & Ordering Session 

(There are no products included in the session fee)

**If you would like us to create a bespoke Pet Photography Session package especially for you or a group, then please get in touch. 


My Dog Never Stands Still!

Thats great news! We love to capture images that you can really relate to. This means we want to capture the natural behaviour your dog displays and so sitting still is not a requirement. In fact the livelier the better!

However, if your pet is not so lively, that is okay too. Our passion is to capture them being themselves. 

Before every session, regardless of the species of animal we will be photographing, we ask you to complete a Booking Form. This gives us insight into the character of your pet and what to expect in terms of their level of training, excitability, nervousness etc 

This enables us to plan for the session to ensure that we, not only capture some stunning photographs, but that your pet has a great time too. 


Watch Me Grow & Rainbows Bridge Sessions

Our WATCH ME GROW sessions document your pets changes over time. This includes 3 sessions equally spread over a 12 month period (ideally the first year of their life). They offer the perfect opportunity to capture all the fantastic memories that will soon fade into the past. 

And whilst it may be hard to consider, we also have our RAINBOWS BRIDGE sessions. These specifically cater for pets that sadly do not have long left with us.

Over the years, experience has taught us the importance of maintaining a positive, calm environment, especially when working with pets who have significant medical needs.  As such these sessions are carefully planned, in partnership with our clients. We work hard to ensure they cater for any medical related issues, such as incontinence etc. We also aim to incorporate very specifically, things that are symbolic of the relationship between them and their pet. 




Pet Photography Pricing

To view details on the various pricing options available for your Pet Photography session, please click on the button below. 

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