Session & Product Pricing

Trust and honesty are qualities we know our clients value and have come to expect from us. As such this page was created to help new clients understand our Session and Product Pricing.

It is important that our clients feel they have made an informed decision, from the moment they book their session. And this information will ensure they can do just that. 

No Obligation Or Pressure Sales Policy 

From day one we have felt very strongly, that in order to promote trust between us, we would maintain a No Obligation or Pressure Sales policy.

The time dedicated to each photography session is much greater than one would initially imagine. When we add the time taken for meetings, telephone and email communications, our travel, the photography session itself, editing of images and subsequent Viewing & Ordering Session, the hours quickly run into days. This is why we charge a Session Fee

However, by keeping the Session Fee separate, it ensures that you pay only for the service you receive.

This means, once you have paid for your photography session, you are under no obligation to make any further purchase, unless of course, you would like too. And of course the majority of our clients do. 

From product choice, to sizing and final finishes, we want you to have the final say. After all, these gorgeous items will grace the walls of your home or your office, for years to come. 

And because we respect how important these photographs are for our clients, images are not deleted immediately after your Viewing & Ordering Session. Instead, they remain stored for a minimum of six months. Neither do we increase the price of products for those choosing to purchase in the future. 

Specialist Pet Photography Sessions

Each session varies in duration, according to who we are working with. Some animals may be nervous and fearful and require time to relax. Some, however, are far more confident and easy going. The animal’s welfare is always the priority and sessions are adjusted accordingly.  As a guide, we advise allowing 1-2 hours for your session. 

Choosing A Location

Our unique service is designed to capture images that our clients feel an instant emotional connection to. As such the choice of location is very important. Ideally, we want to be somewhere that is very familiar to yourselves and your pet. This could be where you walk your dog every day or somewhere you chose to hack with your horse from time to time. Either way, we bring our service to you. 

Session Fees

Each session fee includes the following – 

*A Planning Meeting, either at the office or via telephone

*The attendance of Specialist Pet Photographer, Maria Michael

*No extra charge for multiple pets belonging to the same family & must be same location (additional fee will apply for different locations)

*Professional editing of the final images 

* Your own personal Viewing & Ordering Session 

(There are no products included in the session fee)


If you would like us to create a bespoke Pet Photography Session package especially for you, then please get in touch. 


* All milage charges will be made clear prior to any booking confirmation.

Watch_Me_Grow_Photography_Sessions WATCH ME GROW – £270

The perfect choice for those with a new puppy, kitten or foal who want to capture the changes they go through over their first year. However, it is not just for the younger pets. This is also perfect for those who have maybe recused or welcomed and an older animal into their lives. 

The Watch Me Grow includes THREE Specialist Pet Photography Sessions over a 12 month period.

Rainbow's_Bridge_Photography_SessionsRAINBOW’S BRIDGE SESSION

It is always hard to say goodbye to a special friend. Whilst we hope to have captured gorgeous photographs long before it is time to say goodbye, this is not always the case. As such we do our very best to prioritise urgent bookings for very elderly pets and those with life limiting conditions.

Each of these sessions is priced as our Specialist Pet Photography Sessions above.

Products & Investments

Your stunning photographs, those which preserve such special memories, are created to be seen and treasured. Each image is an individual piece of art, carefully edited, to ensure it is perfectly reproduced on the final product of your choice.

And because we know how important these memories are, we have partnered with some of the worlds finest Album and Wall Display craftsman, to ensure each one is created perfectly. 

 In addition to our general Price List, which is available at the Viewing & Ordering Session, clients have access to four fantastic Collections. These not only combine some of our most luxurious products, but also offer clients a huge saving. 


A visitor admiring award-winning images, including ours, at this year’s international The Societies Convention 2015 at the Hilton, London.

As a Specialist Pet Photographer, we have photographed hundreds of animals over the years. We have invested our own time to learn alongside experts in Canine & Equine Behaviour.

This has enabled us to develop the skills required to work with animals that some others would find impossible. 

We have worked with many species, regularly photographing common domesticated pets such as Dogs, Cats, Horses etc as well as the more exotic animals and livestock. 

Our Pet Photography specialism has lead to our services being commissioned by both private clients and commercial clients. Many of whom are market leaders in both the Pet Insurance industry and within Veterinary Care.