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All About Dogs Show – Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

All About Dogs Show Blenheim Palace

This year will see the first ever All About Dogs Show held, at the gorgeous Blenheim Palace, and we will be there too!

We have exhibited at many of the All About Dogs Shows over the years. As such,  we know that the team will be working hard to make this one of the best shows ever. So make sure to visit and don’t forget to bring your dog too.

We will be running our usual Pet Portrait Sitting on the day and our Show Exclusive Offer for gift vouchers.

Dogue De Bordeaux Puppy Wilson


Our latest addition to the team

For our first post on our new blog, we felt it was only fair to start with our latest addition to the team. 

For the past 10 years, as many of you will recall, we always had Harvey, our Dogue De Bordeaux X Boxer who would sleep in the office and keep us entertained with his snoring. 

Sadly, in September last year, we had to say good bye to Harvey. After 10 wonderful, fun packed years, it was time for him to cross over Rainbow’s Bridge. 

Whilst we were heartbroken, we knew that our house was not a home without a dog. So shortly after, we welcomed Wilson to our family. 

Wilson is a pure Dogue De Bordeaux puppy, who is now 8 months old. He is already a very big boy, weighing over 50 kilos and eating around 3 kilos of meat a day! 

Wilson – 8 weeks old.

AT The Beginning

Even at 8 weeks old, Wilson was already larger than some of the adult smaller breeds. He was born in Birmingham and lived in a lively home with both of his parents and his 10 litter mates. Thats right, there were 11 of these gorgeous, tubby, babies running around. 

It is a big move for a puppy to leave its mother and siblings, yet Wilson took it all in his stride. Not once did he cry during that long journey home (3 hours). Instead he slept on our daughters lap, or stretched out on the back seat.

The first few months were very interesting indeed. It was like having a new baby. We had to teach him to settle in his crate at night, to go outside for his wee wees and poo poos, and teach him what he was allowed to chew and what he was not. 

Wilson’s First Trip To The Seaside

Exposing puppies to new experiences is an important part of their development. So we made sure that Wilson had a trip to the seaside. He was not too sure about the water but soon discovered how much fun it can be. 

We walked through the fun fair and even stopped for a bite to eat, teaching Wilson all about how to behave in open spaces.

He has also visited the local town a few times now, popping into shops, saying hello to lots of lovely friendly people. He also often visits the stables to say hello to his equine friends. But Wilson’s favourite thing, is being out exploring the countryside on our daily walks. 

Raising a Dogue De Bordeaux

Dogue De Bordeaux are huge dogs who love their family and thrive on Love and Kindness. But raising one is definitely not for the faint hearted. 

The breed is known for being exceptionally stubborn and so, even more than ever, it is important to maintain clear, consistent boundaries. Training from day one is highly recommended. It is not only an important part of raising a well socialised dog, but its is also a fun way to bond with your puppy. 

Because of their size and the rapid rates at which they grow, care needs to be taken to protect their joints. This is crucial during the first 18 months. 

Feeding and Insuring a Dogue De Bordeaux is far from cheap so new owners need to be prepared for these costs. 

Wilson, like our previous dog Harvey, is fed a RAW diet, because we believe it provides him all the nutrients that he needs and illuminates ingredients that are not healthy. 

Wilson – 7 Months Old

It seems like only yesterday that we arrived home with that little bundle of cuteness.  And yet, in the blink of an eye, he is now 8 months old! He has changed so much in such a short space of time, but thankfully we have been able to capture those changes in the photograph we have taken.

We look forward to photographing him even more as he continues to grow and share our journey with you. 

Planning to welcome a new puppy to your home?

If you are planning to welcome a new puppy to your home, then our Watch Me Grow package is perfect. It gives you three sessions over a 12 month period, enabling you to document how much your dog changes over that time. Or you can opt for our regular Specialist Pet Photography Session . 

To find out more click HERE.

Heli Hounds In Aid Of The Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

Heli Hounds Charity Dog Walk

Make sure to come and see all the brilliant stalls at Heli Hounds this Autumn and support this amazing charity at the same time.

We will be there too, so make sure to visit our stand and take advantage of our fantastic

Show Exclusive Offers

*Pet Portrait Sitting

Just £35

with £5 donation to the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Charity

*Specialist Pet Photography Session Voucher 

Just £69

normally £100 midweek or £140 weekends

*We also have prizes for the winner of each class in the Dog Show

WoodFest 2018

Join us at the National Trust WoodFest 2018! Another fantastic annual event which has become one of the highlights of the year for many people.

Set in the stunning setting of Hatfield Forest on the outskirts of Bishops Stortford, it really is an event not to be missed.

It is a free festival with local music, craft and trade stalls.

Over 80 musical acts on two stages and locally-sourced food, real ale and cider.

We will be there too so make sure to pop over to take advantage of our great

Exclusive Show Offers!

Bring your dog for a Pet Portrait or purchase one of our wonderful Specialist Pet Photography Session Vouchers.